Stop the Dripping (#CrownShine devotional)

Where I live, it rained most of the night and early morning. And as I woke up to lightning, thunder and sheets of rain, I thought about the weekend’s events and the tasks of this upcoming week. And in reflection on a few events, Proverbs 27:15 came to mind.

prov 27-15

This is just a visual encouragement toward our focus of kindness to watch the “continual dripping”. Let’s pray the prayer in Psalm 141:3

Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth;

Keep watch over the door of my lips.

dripping faucetI DO NOT want to be a dripping faucet. I’m sure you don’t either. And before we let each other get away with it, YES, WE CAN HELP IT. Here’s a way to approach the Father by Psalm 141:3. 

God, our Governor

He is our governor, the one who will monitor flow and speed…if we let Him. There is help for the “continual dripping”. There is divine assistance available for us all. Let’s protect our crowns from the rust of the continual dripping. Governing our speech is good for our reign, and enhances our influence (our authority isn’t worth much if we can’t influence people toward the Kingdom’s way).

Now that we are aware, let’s begin to adjust. Selah, and love to all.


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