Month: October 2014

Chamber Time with the King (an invitation)

Good day, Kingdom Queens. I want to invite all of you who identify with Abigail to meet me for “Chamber Time with the King” this Saturday, November 1st at 6PM Central (2503 Obenchain Street, Dallas, Texas 75212). The Lord’s brought you to mind for Chamber Time… Continue Reading “Chamber Time with the King (an invitation)”

Has He Found Your Faith? (meditation)

Still on my journey with Apostle Luke, 7:1-35 halts me. There are three accounts in this passage — the healing of the centurion’s servant (vv. 1-10), the raising of the widow’s son at Nain (vv. 11-17), and the confrontation with John the Baptist’s disciples… Continue Reading “Has He Found Your Faith? (meditation)”

Not an Arbitrary Call (reflection)

Throughout the year I refer back to the Gospel according to Luke. This time I saw something I wanted to share. When we hear, “you were considered for this,” it usually refers to Job’s trial and is meant to encourage believers to persevere. God’s abiding… Continue Reading “Not an Arbitrary Call (reflection)”

Safe in My Pocket (devotional)

This week I thought I misplaced my debit card. When I retraced my steps I should have had it. Only slightly annoyed, i looked in my purse, my car and my every day bag. Nothing. My mother gave me ideas on where to search. Then… Continue Reading “Safe in My Pocket (devotional)”

Casting Prayer

Illustration: Place hand weights (dumbbells) of various sizes on a table. Allow participants to pick them up and gauge the heaviest they can lift. Now imagine all these weight connected at the ends, draped over your shoulder and trailing about three feet behind you… Continue Reading “Casting Prayer”

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