Be a Quick Study (#20somethings)

Just a thought — when it’s time to learn the lesson, learn it. Please. I mean, really….just learn it. 

Don’t argue about the point of the lesson — there may be many points.

Don’t point your finger and blame the one used to teach you the lesson. Most times, it has nothing to do with them. 


But learn the lesson…. I was tidying up a bit when I remembered that something that’s been challenging me almost all day every day, had not challenged me for most of the day. This meant I was doing my part…which took me back to a conversation with my pastor last week. (yes this was all my mental process in several seconds)

I shared the challenge with my pastor who gave me some tasks to complete. I started doing them right away, and realized in that split second that I am learning the lesson. I might call it a layered epiphany….then I thought about you, my dear, desperate-to-know-why 20-something sister.


When we appreciate learning, dear one, we find a teachable moment in nearly everything and are not so shocked, so contentious, nor so disagreeable with others in times of challenge. Instead, we learn to embrace the learning experience (while still spitting out the challenge), lean into the chaos it creates, and become a quick study. That means that we determine that with all the learning there is to do, that this will not be a lesson we repeat.

Can I get an amen, anybody?! Ha, selah that. 

And all my love.

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