Pray to the God of Heaven (devotional)

I can hear you now, “Where else would I direct my prayer?” Stay with me on this one. 

This is to remind us that our position in Christ is with Him, not beneath Him. We were raised with Him, quickened with Him in resurrection, and now we sit (not seated) together in heavenly places. Our God, who is rich in mercy, did all this in His kindness for us to show us the exceeding riches of Christ. (Ephesians 2:4-7)

Our reign is an active reign. We sit. Together with Him. Now. Our life of prayer should reflect this truth. From our kneeling posture we can at times lower our perspective. We should be cautious, but not cowered.


Read Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 CJB with me please.

Don’t speak impulsively — don’t be in a hurry to give voice to your words before God. For God is in heaven, and you are on earth; so let your words be few. For nightmares come from worrying too much; and a fool, when he speaks, chatters too much.

Isn’t that something? Our God is greater and bigger even than the heaven where He dwells. Latching on to this truth is what adds boldness in our approach to Him, for we can come before His presence with shortness of breath, and heavy heart beat from life’s pressures and there obtain grace and mercy in our times of need.

Look beyond the God of your room (Nee, 2005) and pray above natural placement and environment. Instead look over and pray to the God of heaven with faith and an assured confidence in His greatness and His greater ability. 

Perspective is crucial, Royal Ones. He is the great I AM. Let’s remember to pray like it…to enter His mind and thought, be counseled by His wisdom, and leave the prayer place with possession of our petition. This is our reality — life with Him in/by/through prayer.

Selah. Love you all to life. 

Nee, W. (2005). Powerful according to God: A month’s meditation on prayer with
     Watchman Nee. New York: Christian Fellowship Publishers, Inc.

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