Intercessor, Remember to Fear God.

As a born again believer in covenant with Jesus Christ, there is one thing that should be undeniable for us all…and that is the power of God being greater than every other power. Regardless of our leanings on the things that do more harm than good and separating than uniting, the one thing that we should never argue about is that our God is powerful.

Today I had a unique opportunity to witness God’s power and participate in a small way in the eyes of a 17-year-old young lady receiving God’s grace and love and forgiveness.

A powerfully rendered teaching on sexual soul ties led to a time of declarative prayer where spiritual scenarios were called out in the Light of God’s love for us and His desire to bring us into His freedom already provided for us. 

formula for intention

This young lady was discovered in quite a state — writhing in her chair, sliding to the floor, rolling eyes, stammering lips, and the bottom half of her body moving as if in the act. We got her to the floor, learned her name from the woman who brought her, and instructed her to call on Jesus. Holy Spirit revealed the root, and we began to pray.

intentional words

I never saw this mix of manifestations before, and stood there thinking about three things.

One – I don’t know how to handle this one.

Two – Lay hands suddenly on no man (1 Timothy 5:22). 

Three – Thank you Lord for letting me stay in the room when we cast out a devil at a college women’s fellowship at the leader’s house.

It did not take long, and this young woman returned to herself. 

We rejoiced, and then we returned to ourselves. OH GOD. MY GOD. OHHH GOD. Wow. Or, something like that. He makes Himself known in so many ways. More and more these days I am encouraged to recognize Him and hear the different declarations of His glory by creation — you, me, trees, breezes, sunrises, butterflies, birds, sunsets, etc.

cannot failIt dawned on me later that my first thought was a doubt-turned-fear moment. Initially, I doubted my ability to see this encounter through to a successful deliverance. Then I realized my obligation to this sweet creation to rely on God to bring her through, and we all dived in! And bring her through is exactly what our God did! 

I said all of that to say this: Tomorrow, prayer leaders, prayer teams, prayer warriors, intercessors, and so on will gather at local assemblies all over the country. They will bind, loose, declare glory, decree victory, and much, much more. Praying people, remember to fear God. Remember to pause long enough to follow His lead and agree with His will. Pause just enough to enter His mind and thought for the need at hand. 

be intentional chalkboard

God shares His secret with those that fear Him (Psalm 25:14). Be less deep and more discerning. Care enough to submit to God’s love and smile at the one needing prayer. Above all, reverence the Lord’s leading…Not that we did not know, but I want to remind us that He really is powerful and wants us to approach the prayer need like we believe it! 

Selah, love to all, and pray well! 

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