Month: September 2014

Lust: Manage it or be Delivered from it? (#CrownShine)

You can blame this one on Andy Stanley too! In his book Enemies of the Heart, he explains the ins and outs of four controlling emotions: anger, guilt, greed and jealousy. He includes in the discussion a different look at lust. At best, his… Continue Reading “Lust: Manage it or be Delivered from it? (#CrownShine)”

Love Does Not Harbor (#CrownShine)

Okay, blame this one on Andy Stanley and his book Enemies of the Heart: Breaking Free from the Four Emotions that Control You. I’ve only a few pages to go, and there’s a ton to say…but for now, here is the point to ponder:… Continue Reading “Love Does Not Harbor (#CrownShine)”

Be a Quick Study (#20somethings)

Just a thought — when it’s time to learn the lesson, learn it. Please. I mean, really….just learn it.  Don’t argue about the point of the lesson — there may be many points. Don’t point your finger and blame the one used to teach… Continue Reading “Be a Quick Study (#20somethings)”

On Defending Yourself (#20somethings)

Hello Ladies,  I know it’s been a minute, but I want to be deliberate in what to share with you…the last thing I want is for our (mine and all the ladies who contributed wisdom to share with you) good to be perceived as… Continue Reading “On Defending Yourself (#20somethings)”


Years ago (like, in the early years), Dr. Juanita Bynum shared a concept while ministering at a conference hosted by Dr. Morris Cerullo. She explained how Dr. Cerullo’s invitation to speak gave signature to her ministry. By signature, she meant that his longevity in ministry… Continue Reading “Signature”

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