On Mentoring… (for 20-somethings)

Hello to all my 20-something sisters. 

I think about you all way more than I post…only because I use great caution in how to offer suggestions. This little note is about mentoring. 

Question: Do you really need a mentor?

My observation is that some of you may just need an encourager or an accountability partner to help you stay on track. You may even need a coach, one to assist in drilling and perfecting what exists and brings your lifestyle into a disciplined rhythm for success. 

None of these, though, is a mentor’s primary function. A mentor hears beyond what you say, and sees beyond your current level of operation. A mentor calls out the invisible, and challenges you to do it. And, you find that you can!

Do not be moved by charisma. Instead, let the substance of experience draw you into this intense training ground. If you already know you are unable to follow through, or your mind is already made up that you will not listen to challenge, then you may not need a mentor. If you refuse to take advantage of the opportunities a mentor creates for you to do what you do in front of new audiences, at new places, on different stages…then you may just need a cheering section for your current level of average. 

Royal One, do not be tricked by words like purpose, mantledestiny, gifts, and calling. While God finished you before you started, you still have to show up. Yes, they are all in you…but they need forming and exercise to be worked out of you. And more than that, they need investment and development for the rest of us to benefit to the point of application and transformation. 

Now, proceed soberly. Selah, and love to all.


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