Wait — was that lie a kindness? #crownshine

So, understanding the law of kindness on our tongues we forge ahead to the first mention of kindness in Scripture. Believe it or not, it is wrapped around a deception. Abraham and Sarah took a trip and when they got to their destination, Abraham lied and said Sarah was his sister. Sarah was really his wife. The king of this land, Abimelech, took Sarah for himself…and the Lord visited him during the night. The Lord had a conversation with Abimelech:

Lord: You’re a dead man. This is a man’s wife.

Abimelech: What? Would you really kill a righteous man? Didn’t the man say she was his sister? I haven’t touched her.

Lord: I know you had no idea, so I kept you from sinning against her. I did not permit you to touch her. Now give her back to her husband. He’ll pray for you and all will be made right.

kill them with kindness

In the morning Abimelech told all his servants what happened and confronted Abraham — how did I offend you? Why did you deceive us on purpose? 

Abraham exposed his plan. He told Sarah to say she was his sister in every city they visited.

This was her kindness to him.

What is interesting (already!) about kindness is that it comes from a root word (H2616) that means both to be good AND to be reproached. WOW.

fruitfulHave you ever “meant well,” only to have that thing turn on you and become a reproach?

Have you ever agreed to a kindness for someone else and then realized what you agreed to resulted in more harm than good?

Were there ever any casualties to your kindness? (ouch, I know….)

Maybe Abraham sincerely considered his and Sarah’s safety on their journey to the land God would show him. In the process, though, an innocent man’s life was put in danger. Thank God for making intercession through a dream!

Our lesson is simple: let’s let kindness be pure and without deceptive or concealed motive. Do a kindness, if that’s what you will to do. But when the suspicious try to uncover our kindness…let them find nothing but the kindness itself.

Selah, and let’s apply the CrownShine. Love to all!

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  1. Thanks good teaching.
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