The Law of Kindness (CrownShine)

No one likes a wicked queen…and while obedience is primary, kindness counts because it sweetens legacy. After months of meditation and listening, this is our first Tarn-X and CLR stop — at kindness.

Growing up I heard quite a bit that little girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Implied in this quote was kindness. The true heart of some of us that was placed there by example was…

sugar spice

Many of us knew how to act for others’ approval, but underneath seeds of anger, discontent, jealousy, envy, malice, or something else were planted and soon started boiling in our hearts. We knew how to act or portray kindness, but we were not kind. And with that, mean girls just grow up…

So what about kindness and The Queen Life? Let’s begin in Proverbs 31:26 (CJB).

When she opens her mouth, she speaks wisely; on her tongue is loving instruction.

WOW. On our tongues is the law of kindness…loving instruction…faithful instruction…the ability to give instructions with kindness… So on the most unruly member of our bodies, the most out of control, the body part with the most potential to cause great disaster…KINDNESS EXISTS. (OUCH!)

royal kindness

For me, this is a head-scratcher. How is it that I have (you be accountable for your own actions right here) said some things and created some rifts and been quite the sour puss…while kindness sat silent on my tongue?!

Oh yeah, we will park at kindness until we tame the rolling neck and eyes and the overwhelmingly strong temptation to cut other people with our words. We will look in the mirror of God’s Word until we want our words to be life-giving, and not

kill them with kindness

If “they” are to receive the blessed benefit of our testing and trial and go-through-with grace, then kindness counts. It’s not popular. It’s not even in the wind, but it is commanded in Scripture…so we will address it.

In the meantime, please remain aware — of the kindness that is on our tongues and what we allow to come from our hearts that is not kind. I am finding the need for discipline is great…and that is wisdom. This is healing and wholeness and deliverance of another sort to assist us in staying seated and reigning well AND sustaining a legacy that will not undo what we’ve built…because we were mean queens.

Selah, and love to all.

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