Staying Power (devotional)

Please, let’s not let the prospect of personal benefit deter us from good old-fashioned service. Let’s not be so preoccupied with what’s in it for us that we resist the chance to serve others. Consider Hebrews 6:10-12

God remembers our service — past and present.

We are reminded that God is fair and remembers our past and present service. What service? The love we showed to Him and His people through our service. He remembers.

But, keep doing…so you don’t get lazy.

Then we are encouraged to keep doing, and keep serving…TO SHOW THE SAME DILIGENCE.  The alternative is sluggishness or laziness. Continuing in service keeps us from laziness (v. 11).


The goal is to follow the examples of those who received their faith in their hands because they trusted God and were patient in service to Him (v. 12). The goal is not personal benefit with temporary commitment. 

Let’s keep an eye out for lazy temptations. None of us have done “enough” to show God-like commitment. We must remain diligence — resolute in heart to cultivate deeper fellowship with the Father and anchor in His love. This place produces a heart that wants to give, forgive, and live in His presence. Isn’t that beautiful? 

Diligence is important. Let’s keep our hands to the plow and not look back. Let’s set our affections on things above. Let’s keep “the main thing the main thing”. Let’s keep Jesus our choice. Let’s decide to have the same diligence of those “glory days” we refer to more and more. 

Let’s just stay committed. Selah, and love to all. 

One Comment on “Staying Power (devotional)

  1. Oh thank you good words for today. Agree with me in prayer for healing this pain or peace in the midst. I’m really walking in faith.
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