When Seasons Change (reflection)

Good day Kingdom Queens.

Have you ever had a series of God moments where He’s speaking like water? I mean, where nearly at every turn you receive major downloads, insight, and instruction on what is now, what is next, and what will be?

seasons change

The last 14 days or so find me in this spot, and I need to sit down and think about all He’s said…and I consider the changing of seasons and how

some things change for all of us when seasons change

We are transitioning into the back-to-school time of year — tax-free weekends, school supplies, supply lists, and schedule assessments and adjustments. Not long after fall (autumn) is coming…and we will swap those spring/summer clothes and shoes for what is appropriate for fall/winter. All of this led me to another consideration that 

the change of seasons begins with lots of activity 

Our lives, for these moments, become all about the “re-“. Re-purpose. Re-view. Re-assess. Re-assign. Re-live. Re-mind. And the list goes on…

That seems to indicate my life right now…God is speaking, and I am making room for His “now” word by my “now” faith. And it’s creating a lot of activity — naturally and spiritually. He is turning the light on for me (Psalm 119:130) and offering insight and understanding. I am slightly overwhelmed, and absolutely grateful. My life is changing before my eyes…thank God for His mirror (James 1:23-25). 

sobriety is key — pay attention

I thought about all of you when I started to reflect on my season. The promise and potential of “the new” is exciting yes, but we can blank out on the need for divine exchange — the old has to go. Some things we must re-tire, re-nounce, and re-sist. 

Whether you find yourself in the season common to us all, or in personal revival or awareness, I want to encourage you to lean into it — the activity, the movement, the “thing” that God is doing. Make sure to remain alert to Holy Spirit. Check the expectations and go with God. 

If we pass each other on the path, I’ll bid you Godspeed. 

Selah, and love to all. 


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