If You Have To, Create Your Own Weapon!

So, I was absolutely inspired by the mention of Ehud in a sermon last night. (insert scream here) I mean, I was excited…so much so, that I want to share a nugget with you from the message. If you’ve been around The Queen Life for at least a year, then you know I LOVE when God shows us application in the details of scripture. So let me tell you about Ehud. Read about him in Judges 3:12-22…yep, right before Deborah. 

Ehud was a judge…and God raised him up as an answer to Israel’s cry for deliverance after another cycle of wicked behavior and being turned over into the hands of their enemy. Under Ehud, the enemy was Eglon the king of Moab.

Ehud was left-handed and from the tribe of Benjamin.

To take down King Eglon (a very fat man – v. 17), Ehud (as representative for Israel) brought a gift. When Ehud presented the gift, he told the king about his secret errand. The king cleared the room, and invited Ehud into his inner parlor. 

Ehud told the king he had a message from God.

The message from God was “Goodby Eglon.” Ehud killed him. 

The point here is not the what, though, it’s the how. Before approaching King Eglon of Moab with the gift, Ehud made himself a dagger. Wait. Don’t miss that. 


Made a 2-edged dagger, 18 inches long

Tied it to his right thigh under his clothes


My little point is this: Don’t be intimidated by the assignment. If you have to make your “dagger” and be stealth, then create your weapon and do what you do. Moab was the Lord’s washpot…it was not a friendly, but an enemy.

Read about Ehud and let his example preach to you and impart courage to “do the thing”…alone if that’s what God’s asking you to do. 

Selah, and love to all. 

Pastor Ric Henderson threw Ehud in his message last night at my church’s Faith Explosion. His name may sound familiar because he was a guest prayer leader in our 10 days of prayer (Day 9, Lord, Work Your Will). He preached “Birth It, Bear It”. In this message he exposed the enemy’s plot to stop the Body of Christ from conceiving and bearing the purpose of God for us. We have to be steadfast in our commitment and declare that we will conceive. We will carry to term what God places in us for the earth. 

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