The Concubine Conclusion

Good day to all.

I want to (try to) wrap up this lesson unit on avoiding the seat of the concubine. There are a LOT that we did not get to, as the Lord changed the direction of the wind. August begins our next unit…please prayerfully consider joining us. Until then, here is a list of the remaining concubines…in case you are led to continue this study, pick up the study at a later time, want to refer someone to this information or it comes up in discussion.

Caleb’s Concubines

  1. Jerioth (1 Chronicles 2:18)
  2. Ephah (1 Chronicles 2:46)
  3. Maachah #5 — as in there are 4 other women named Maachah (1 Chronicles 2:48)

Concubines of the Patriarchs

  1. Abraham (Genesis 25:6)
  2. Jacob (Genesis 35:22)
  3. Eliphaz, son of Esau (Genesis 36:12)

Concubines of David’s Line

  1. David (2 Samuel 5:13)
  2. Solomon (1 Kings 3:1, 7:8, 11:1-8)
  3. Rehoboam, son of Solomon (2 Chronicles 11:21)

Other Concubines

  1. Gideon (Judges 8:31)
  2. Reumah, concubine of Nahor, Abraham’s brother (Genesis 22:24)
  3. Abimelech’s Canaanite Concubine Mother (Judges 9:1, 3)

I know this line of teaching or study may be rare for some, but praise God for a broadened awareness. Look again at the sister that you claim gets on your nerves…or you excuse as “on something different” or “special but not in a good way”. Look at her / them again. It may be that this sister needs you bring the LIGHT of God to her concubine arrangement…and remind her of her liberty in Christ.

Be prepared though. People profit from our bondage, much like the masters who became wealthy off of the girl with the spirit of divination. Once delivered, their wicked cash flow was cut off. Liberty is the believer’s portion. REAL liberty. Not an arrangement. Not sharecropping salvation. Not staying in a local church to chase a carrot and burnout to find promises made not kept. Hallelujah.

Know the truth, royal one…and BE FREE! LOVE YOU ALL.

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