A Word About Commitment

Good day my 20-something sisters! I pray all is well and increasing in your lives. There is a leading to encourage you today concerning your act of commitment, as it is a reflection of and gives insight into your character. 

Simply put, 

If you’re going to take your toys and go home, then go.

Don’t stand on the wall or in the corner and wait for an invitation to come back when you initiated the distance. If you think/believe you need to move on, then go…and make it clear that you are going. And, stand by your decision (that means communicate). 

Every one and every thing and every place is GREAT and WONDERFUL in the beginning, but we demonstrate commitment when we have options. Be frustrated, be confused (only for a minute), have your questions, and vent…BUT BE RESPONSIBLE.

It reflects poorly on character when you just disappear…and leave people concerned about where and how you are doing. Passive aggressive games bear no good fruit and make you appear unstable, like waiting for someone to call and invite you back, or standing to the side and pouting to gauge others’ reactions.

If you make a decision, then commit to it. Stand by it. You entered the relationship with person/place/thing through the front door. Why not leave the same way? Nothing good comes from commitment hopscotch (aka partial commitment) is exhaustion.

I encourage you not to wait. Make the call today — not the email. Make the call, and give no excuses. Be accountable for your decision and stop running out of garages and back doors. If this relates to your spiritual walk, then move even quicker to make your intentions known. 

For your prayerful consideration…love to all!

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