Prayer for Pastors, Men & Husbands (report, w/photos)

Good day to all, and thank you for joining us in body and in spirit at today’s 8AM prayer. What a blessing. 

071914 prayer For those of you who serve in prayer ministry, you know how excited we were to have MEN and little men with us today. They were engaged and the little men stayed awake the whole time! A special unexpected blessing was the knowledge that prayer is so powerful that as these little men grow into manhood with its responsibilities and their callings, prayer has gone ahead of them.

In a moment it hit me how we really do not know how far our prayers go…that’s one of the reasons we KEEP PRAYING. Amen somebody!

DSC_0027We also had six local churches represented, including Jericho City. Another reference for those of you who serve regularly in prayer ministry — today’s prayer time was easy. We had a guest prayer leader today, the same prayer leader in fact who led us in prayer for men and husbands at the Dallas Prayer Clinic last month. My, did she pray and entreat the Father for men, pastors and husbands. As was my personal request to the Father, we picked up from where we left off at the Clinic (see that prayer here).

DSC_0031What a unified offering of fervent and effectual prayer! Thank God for the opportunities He gives us to see more, hear more, and know/experience more. Make plans to join us next month for prayer

Sat., August 16th @ 8AM CST

Jericho City COGIC – Dallas Location

2503 Obenchain Street • Dallas, Texas 75212

(on Obenchain, between Muncie and Bayonne Streets,

just off Sylvan near downtown Dallas)

071914 prayer DSC_0023 If you’re not in the Dallas, again we invite you to pray with us where you are, and then add your faith. As you see the manifestation of answered prayer, please send us the report and allow us to rejoice with you! Remember, our pastors, husbands, and all men need our prayer and are worth our investment. And when the kind Father answers, we owe Him a response! 

Love to all, and I’ll meet you at the altar.

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