Prayer Points for Tamar’s Release

Good day, Kingdom Queens!

The following are some prayer points to consider when you go get Tamar from the place of desolation. Thank you for joining your faith in prayer! Click here to listen, and feel free to share: Let’s Go Get Tamar Prayer.

Amnon and Tamar - Tiarini

Tamar #1, David’s Daughter (2 Samuel 13:20 — She remained desolate in Absalom’s house)

We proclaim her release from

    • the shock of the surprise attack
    • betrayal and the victim mindset
    • anger at God for “letting this happen to her”
    • bitterness and all spirits of oppression
    • desolation and isolation in Absalom’s house

Tamar #2, Judah’s daughter-in-law (Genesis 38:26 — Judah acknowledged her greater righteousness and left her alone)

We proclaim her release from

    • the grip of cultural influence that makes her think she has to handle all of her life on her own
    • the view that she has to be her own advocate
    • the wounds of accusation (prostitution and disloyalty)
    • the way things happened

Then we made declarations over them both.

    • We command freedom in the mind
    • We command strength, and re-clothe Tamar with strength and honor
    • We remit all sin and restore the right of redemption
    • We proclaim release
    • This is the acceptable time — This is the day to be helped
    • We give her beauty for all the ashes
    • We give her the oil of joy for all the mourning
    • We give her the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness
    • Tamar shall live in public view — we call her out of hiding in Absalom’s house and back from disappearing
    • She will live and not die
    • She will know the joy of her salvation and God’s deep love for her
    • Restoration and wholeness are her portion

Feel free to share. There is a short exhortation at the end to our Tamar sisters. I look forward to hearing the reports of their release. Love to all!

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