A Short Prayer for Renewal

Today I consider that some of us make it through a week of busy schedules (work, church, community service, family needs, kids’ needs, etc.) to get to Sunday, and struggle mentally with going to worship service.

Whether we pin it on the people, the pastor, or the place, there is a real “process” that weighs down instead of inspires as we prepare for the corporate experience. 

From where do you gain strength?

Or, who do you rely on for strength?

Or, what do you do or take for strength?

Psalm 119:28 blessed me in this morning’s reading, and maybe you’ll see something special as well.  


I am melting away with anxiety and grief; renew my strength, in keeping with your word.

This short, honest, one-liner is a prayer for renewal…of overall strength. As some of you PULL yourself up and PUSH yourself to readiness for this great day of worship, be anxious for nothing — not the people, not the pastor, and not the place. Choose life through grief…don’t melt away. Don’t disappear, and don’t think no one cares that you’re melting away. Find your delight in God’s word (v. 16).

time to renewAnd reach up and ask for renewal. Ask for your strength to be renewed according to God’s Word.

strength that gives grace for the proper response…

strength that enables us to obey…

strength that neutralizes anxiety and grief,

that reminds us of the dynamic life of Christ in us,

and brings back stability.

Let the Lord renew your strength, and in line with His Word restore your focus. Then, you can commit the people, the pastor, and the place to the Lord — you can give them back to Him (’cause they’re His all along!).

Serve well. Love well. Worship without weight. Be renewed in the Lord’s strength!

Selah, and love to all.

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