Tamar #1, the “Surprise” Concubine

Click here to listen (there’s a slight delay at the beginning): From Lady to Concubine

Tamar represents our sisters who were thrown from royal position by a “surprise attack”. They served well and with pure intent, yet were overtaken by someone else’s bad decision.

This Tamar we call the “surprise” concubine because she did not sign up for the assault with Amnon, her half-brother. You may read the account in 2 Samuel 13. After David and Bathsheba’s baby dies in 2 Samuel 12, chapter 13 opens with David’s older children — Absalom, Tamar and Amnon. 

Amnon had a perverted love for his sister, and raped her. After the assault he hated her more than he loved her. Then he sent her away. Please, read it for yourself.

My heart is touched for our “Tamar sisters” who are still floundering after assaults — physical, emotional, character, mental, financial (e.g., identity thefts) — and have not found their way back to royal positioning. Later this month we will gather to pray for their rescue. With all the clear mindedness and pure intent possible, our “Tamar sisters” entered into covenants that turned on them suddenly. These are the kinds of circumstances that make us scratch our heads and declare what’s not fair.

Let there be awareness among us that some beautiful and seemingly confident women are coasting along, still in soul shock from the Amnon trauma. The blessed hope is that our God is able to make ALL THINGS NEW…regardless of the time lapsed, our Tamar sisters have assignments they are responsible to complete and Holy Spirit is opening our eyes to 1) identify them and 2) go get them. #rescue

Please listen and share this lesson. Allow the Father to bring people to mind and entreat Him for how you can help. Let’s bear up Tamar in our strength…and see the honor of inclusion in her deliverance

Selah, and love to all.

One Comment on “Tamar #1, the “Surprise” Concubine

  1. Gm ur an early bird, but sharing the worm(WORD) this is powerful teaching. May God continue to grant you wisdom in His Word as you share with us(women and men)
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