Love + Intercession = Prayer Covering

Lisa Bevere writes in her book Girls with Swords,

“Some of the ways we intercede are to speak up for another as an advocate, speak into a conflict that needs resolution, and stand up for the downtrodden and silenced. The Word shows us when we should get involved, where to find our answers, and ways to right what’s been wronged, and it directs us to the light at the end of the path” (2013, p. 162).

This is just a reminder. Intercession begins where prayer ends. It is the Spirit led engagement of light against darkness. It is our heart overshadowed with what matters to the Father, and in agreement with Him, we 






In other words, we make transactions in the heavens. We are the vessels who bring heaven to earth and make each situation, each enemy meet the light of God.

You know, I prayed the wrong prayer for years because of zeal, but like Paul’s description of Israel in Romans 10:1-4, my zeal lacked right understanding. By His grace, some prayers hit the target and brought results. But at the end of the day, I was still critical and angry and mean. 

Then one day I found Galatians 5:6 — It’s not about whether we are circumcised or not, but about our faith working through love (my paraphrase). I believed for the body while being mad at the body…and God moved because He loves His body (not because I was praying right).

Now I know a little more so I determine to do better when called to intercede, publicly and privately. Just because I see “it”, does not mean I have insight. Lisa Bevere says “describing the wrapping of a package doesn’t mean you know the contents” (p. 160). Discernment is an “intuitive, perceptive response” (p. 161) and it required development. It must be “trained through constant practice” (p. 160, & Hebrews 5:14). 

Love the Body…that includes you! Love adds the “fervent and effectual” element to intervention, mediation, negotiation, arbitration and the rising up. Selah, and love to all.

3 Comments on “Love + Intercession = Prayer Covering

  1. This is great insight. I struggle with the discernment part as well, seeing “it” but not having the insight. I believe that is part of the reason why God allowed me to go through much of what I have gone through, to allow me to have compassion and be less judgmental of people when I see things, because I now realize that I have no idea what someone else has gone through to cause them to be at the point they are and have done the things they have done — just like people don’t know what I have gone through that has brought me to where I am. The why doesn’t matter if we just act in love and compassion for that person. God will do the rest!

    • You’re right. I was in a service recently where the preacher warned against judging because we don’t know what options the person had (or thought they had). That grabbed me because that’s my story — unaware of the options, I used to be quick to say what a person should done. Like you said, I had some experiences that tempered my opinions as well.

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