The “Terror-able” 20’s…

inspiration just aheadWell, I finally had enough…and the blogs on this site for the “20-somethings” are my contribution toward a better result (or positive manifestation). To the 20-somethings, here is your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

Read and Prayerfully Consider before summarily discarding each suggestion

It is possible to successfully navigate your 20’s — the decade of identity — and reduce the amount of undoing in your 30s. Many women of all ages over 30 sent their wisdom nuggets for your consideration. We want to share with you some things we

1) wish someone told us in our 20’s or

2) some things we wish we listened to in our 20’s. 

I title this entry the “terror-able” 20’s because a lot of what you experience is up to you. And honestly, many of you are not making the most of this time of life. The 20’s are a gift not recognized early enough (the “light” of serious awareness is not seen by some until age 27 and after). Your 20’s do not have to be nomadic, amorphous and vague. You can learn NOW to be your best self for you (not just a future husband). 

drive your life 2

And, I will add this disclaimer: please trash the assumption that you are a victim and our suggestions are an attack. (That’s an indicator of an emotional/ spiritual issue, not a social/civil issue with strangers.)

hello i'm intentionalProceed prayerfully, and even consult an “older woman” who can break off some Titus 2 wisdom with you to help you see yourself more clearly. The truth is, something has to change, and you are well able to conquer the emotional, familial, social, financial, physical, and spiritual mountains that confront you in this time of life. 

You can be well…if you want.

With love sincerely…

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