Vroom, Vroom (my little tribute to the bikers)

I do my best to keep my personal and public prayer life about my relationship with God. I’m not addicted to the “spinning wheel” practice of prayer — truly. You can tell the people who do not know me by how they describe me. If they begin with prayer or my public prayer contribution, then they are basically strangers. My true friends and my family know the business. 

karma bikerThat said, I am finally ready to comment on the amazing opportunity I had to pray a covering prayer over bikers in my city. To call me nervous is an understatement! I was so concerned about how I came across…while at the same time sensing the weighty presence of God for this prayer. I’ve had similar honors before (to pray covering prayers), but nothing like this. I felt the value of their lives and the need for prayer — it was the fear of the Lord.

When one gets what seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, one wants kdog bikereverything to be perfect. We were all meeting for the first time… as strangers. They had beautiful bikes, sweeeeet vests, unity, and a lot of heart. All I had was prayer and the Presence. It was like they were coming to my home through this prayer, and I wanted them to feel comfortable, and feel my sincerity. (I did not want to scare them with all my tears!)

Before the service I started to weep, and the praise and worship part of service found me weeping. So when prayer started I was a pool…a puddle…well, a lake might be more accurate. And I prayed what I heard and saw, and was absolutely myself. I was overwhelmed by God’s desire to protect this group. As I prayed I saw accidents avoided, obstacles removed, sharper vision and senses, and lives spared. It was awesome. GOD IS AWESOME. 

wolf bikerAnd when I got the honor to anoint hands and bless bikers and bikes, WOW.

What an honor. 

I guess I was concerned because my sincere efforts from a pure motive are often misunderstood as fake. But it wasn’t…even now, I pray that these great men and women know that we were not there for them. They were there for us…to show us their unity, and their courage, and their freedom. They were kind and receptive…and I was in heaven (like when they all cranked up and got in formation — ooh, the sound of all those bikes!)!

ms rogue bikerThank you to all the bikers who let this little church girl extend a prayer covering over your lives, homes, marriages, children, bikes, and trips. I hope we did not offend you or cause you to have a negative impression about the church. May God continue to keep you…and cover you as you ride. Remember, there shall be NO SURPRISES!

With love and prayers…Angels, we keep you continually charged to keep them and ride with them. 

2 Comments on “Vroom, Vroom (my little tribute to the bikers)

  1. All I can say is awesome & Praise God!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!(-:

  2. I am BLOWN AWAY!!! As I read your post the anointing and Presence of God is still with it! I cried and rejoiced with you for such a Divine encounter with God’s stamp of approval and PLEASURE at your humble service of obedience. O to be used by Him to pour out His loving protection! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!! May we all experience such encounters where time @ purpose collide! Continued blessings to you daughter!!!

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