Prayer for Concubine Release from Spiritual Abuse

Click here to listen: Prayer for Concubine Release

Good day to all. I invite you to join us on the prayer line tonight. Our prayer focus is Concubine Release from Spiritual Abuse. 

Our “usual” pattern is to pray after we complete a unit…but after the initial example of the Ephraim Levite and his concubine this prayer time is appropriate. 

This unit on avoiding the seat of the concubine may seem like it does not fit, but it does. Focus is crucial in this stage of becoming — the kind of focus that informs wise decisions to build our “house” (ministry house, social house, career house, family house, etc.) with both our hands. The seat of the concubine calls to silly women with untrained and undisciplined emotions. This seat offers arrangement, not covenant; it wants us to abandon common sense and discerning ability to chase dangling carrots and snare ourselves in the fear of man.

In one way or another we are or have been the concubine. What keeps you and me from being “all in” and making the total commitment to God? Is your service hindered by the fear of man? Some of us hear God’s clear instruction, but we keep saying “I know, but…….” Why does the Father take less priority?

We will pray for release from spiritual abuse — for this lesser seat to loose our sisters, for awakening, for a prodigal-son-like coming to the senses, for conviction, for the louder call of God’s love. 

8pm Central (9pm Eastern)

Conference Line: (862) 902-0241

Code: 6360503

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