My little lesson on confirmation…

God has spoken once, I heard it twice: strength belongs to God. Psalm 62:11 CJB

“God is not obligated to repeat Himself.” — Bishop I. V. Hilliard

Requiring repeated confirmation means I don’t believe God. (paraphrased, Pastor Tamara Bennett)

Whatever route you take concerning confirmation from God, I want to share with you an experience I had today.

My church meets for weekly prayer on Monday evenings. In preparation for prayer (yes, we prepare to pray!) I asked the Lord if there’s anything He wanted me to share. He gave me a prayer focus…and it shook me to deliver it. Thankfully, mature saints came and gladly received and even confirmed the word. 

green check markToday, though, in an incredible father’s day message, our pastor preached the prayer focus. I mean, I lost count how many times Pastor said the word that came to us for prayer. My reaction: WHEW! (relief)

I was blown away… I knew I’d heard right, but I take great caution in prayer meetings especially when my leader is absent. I want to be in agreement with what he teaches. That’s why this word shook me — it was not something Pastor preached recently. It was a moment to humbly and in the fear of God obey God first….and the Lord showed us (those who were at that prayer meeting) He wants to address the need and that this need is pressing

Isn’t that awesome?! The Lord is kind. The more Pastor preached, the more I wanted to pray some more…talk to the Father, and keep opening the way for His involvement.

Tomorrow we will be grateful, and humble, and give the Lord what He calls for in our prayer time. Neither our will nor our mind/agenda…but what He wants to speak through us.

Selah, and love to all. 

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