Lord, help us reach Jerusalem (day 5 of 10, 6/2/14)

Click here to listen to this prayer call.  

Prayer continues for the Body of Christ at 6am Central Time daily until Saturday, June 7th! Conference line information is below. Pray with us. 

But you will receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you;
you will be my witnesses both in Jerusalem… — Acts 1:8, Complete Jewish Bible (emphasis added)

 What’s a witness anyway?

Many years ago I went to Monroe, Louisiana to hear/see Prophetess Sharon Seay. She said something that stuck with me. She said,

You should only repeat what you’ve seen with your own eyes and heard with your own ears. Anything else is gossip. (paraphrased)

A witness is one who can give a firsthand account — a testimony, if you will. Jerusalem represents our closest circles of influence (like family). Who in your Jerusalem circle knows about the works of God in, for and through you…from you? Speak up!

Day Five Prayer Focuses

Our prayer for the bride of Christ is to have:

  1. An effective witness to Jerusalem
  2. Bold witness
  3. An increased capacity to love
  4. Hearts guarded from religion and judgment


Conference Call Details for Monday, June 2nd

6am Central Time • Dial (862) 902-0241 • Code 6360503


Day Five Prayer Leader

Meet Minister Arsheki Montgomery of The Greater Kingdom Citadel in Selma, Alabama where the senior pastor is Elder W. Channing Jackson. She’s the founder of Fresh Wind Prophetic Ministry; the purpose is to enrich, empower, & enlighten the people of God through the Word of God and the sure Word of Prophecy. She has a passion for prayer and empowering young women to live holy and productive lives.   

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