Month: June 2014

I started a lady, & ended a concubine (#reclaim)

Good day to all. Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, July 1st at 8PM CENTRAL (9pm EST) for The Queen Life Teaching Call.¬†Dial in at (862) 902-0241 and use access code 6360503. We will look at Tamar (both of them) and what happens when you are… Continue Reading “I started a lady, & ended a concubine (#reclaim)”

The “Terror-able” 20’s…

Well, I finally had enough…and the blogs on this site for the “20-somethings” are my contribution toward a better result (or positive manifestation). To the 20-somethings, here is your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Read and Prayerfully Consider before summarily discarding each… Continue Reading “The “Terror-able” 20’s…”

Vroom, Vroom (my little tribute to the bikers)

I do my best to keep my personal and public prayer life about my relationship with God. I’m not addicted to the “spinning wheel” practice of prayer — truly. You can tell the people who do not know me by how they describe me.… Continue Reading “Vroom, Vroom (my little tribute to the bikers)”

Summary Post (Dallas Prayer Clinic)

We saw a great representation of unity in the Body, for that I am grateful. When we were done and the event concluded, there was such a peace and expectation. I am pleased with the Dallas Prayer Clinic…and I believe I fulfilled my obedience.… Continue Reading “Summary Post (Dallas Prayer Clinic)”

Prayer for Concubine Release from Spiritual Abuse

Click here to listen: Prayer for Concubine Release Good day to all. I invite you to join us on the prayer line tonight. Our prayer focus is Concubine Release from Spiritual Abuse.¬† Our “usual” pattern is to pray after we complete a unit…but after… Continue Reading “Prayer for Concubine Release from Spiritual Abuse”

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