Lord, give us a right revelation of Kingdom (day 3 of 10, 5/31/14)

Click here to listen to the unedited prayer call. 

Prayer continues for the Body of Christ at 6am Central Time daily until Saturday, June 7th! Conference line information is below. Pray with us. 

When they were together, they asked him, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore self-rule to Israel?” He answered, “You don’t need to know the dates of the times; the Father has kept these under his own authority.” — Acts 1:6-7, Complete Jewish Bible

Do not let what you know to be good, be spoken of as bad; for the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, shalom, and joy in the Holy Ghost. — Romans 14:16-17, Complete Jewish Bible

 The born again experience for disciples of Jesus is a “Kingdom package”. It comes with

    • righteousness (God’s way of doing things; correctness of thinking)
    • shalom (whole-life peace)
    • joy (God’s strength working in us)

Don’t follow those who think to observe the Kingdom. It is neither “here” nor “there”…and does not come by observation. The Kingdom of God is within you! (Luke 17:20-21)

 Let’s pray for the bride of Christ, that we all come into a right understanding of Kingdom.

Day Three Prayer Focuses

Our prayer for the bride of Christ is to:

  1. Walk in righteousness consistently (conquer appetites!)
  2. Know the shalom of the Father
  3. Choose joy and be emotionally steady


Conference Call Details for Saturday, May 31st

6am Central Time • Dial (862) 902-0241 • Access Code 6360503


Day Three Prayer Leader


Meet Elder Michael Henderson, Associate Pastor (AP) of Jericho City Church of God in Christ in Dallas, Texas where the senior leader is Superintendent Brian R. Nelson, Sr. AP Henderson capably oversees the executive team and worship function of this local assembly. Join the Jericho City Champions (2503 Obenchain Street, Dallas, Texas 75212) on Sunday mornings at 8AM Central for worship and Thursday evenings at 715PM Central for TNT (Thursday Night Teaching). 


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