A Note to Prayer Teams: Why You Should Attend the Dallas Prayer Clinic

Dallas Prayer ClinicAlthough some may not admit it, just as there is a “code” among preachers on their respective “circuits,” there is a code among prayer ministries in the local church. It’s kind of sad on one hand because in the name of discernment some pure hearts are misread or misunderstood. On the other hand, it’s a beautiful show of honor for the unction to pray for the Lord’s church and His appointed leaders. 

I used to get offended by the “challenge in the spirit” from other prayer people when I visited other churches. Now it’s a bit comical to me. I could feel them trying to “read” me and “guarded and ready” to “defend the house” if any “strange” demonstration happened. Soon they saw I posed neither threat nor harm to them, their leaders or their local assembly. Once they took down their soulish walls, we started to build camaraderie. 

It’s that “code” that keeps us in our “camps” and apart from authentic, biblical, Godly, loving fellowship and sharpening. So, my fellow ministers of intercessory prayer, I invite you to the Dallas Prayer Clinic and offer a few reasons why you should attend.

Dallas Prayer Clinic

#1 WE NEED EACH OTHER — Sometimes it takes a different environment and a fresh set of eyes to review the prayer strategy and shake off the frustrations (e.g. church stuff, people stuff, administrative details). Prayer people need time together where there is no need to explain what we face and encounter…but to hug, and laugh, and pray with people who have no problem opening their mouths with us. 

#2 WE WANT YOU TO SERVE AT YOUR BEST IN YOUR LOCAL CHURCH — Already we have people registered from states other than Texas. We have no motive but for the Lord to help us be better in our places at our local churches. Sometimes, we can get distracted by what the people do or don’t do, or by what may appear as the lack of fruit or response to prayer. Our best can be compromised by offense, impaired vision, or  just flat out tiredness. Come and get a charge to go back to your church with new energy to serve well.

#3 NO COMPETITION OR BUSYBODIES — We are not gathering to bash our leaders. This gathering is for us to align our prayers more and more with Scripture, and with the true identity of our leaders. There are no activities to get you to share the details of what’s happening in your local church. We are all coming to gain strength, and maybe, Lord permitting, to link up with new friends on the journey ahead. It may be hard to believe that a gathering of prayer people can be friendly, but take a chance on The Queen Life (and on me). It can!

#4 YOU ARE THE FOCUS — Prayer ministry is an engine for service in the local church. It is nameless and faceless…or it should be. It is not a glory-filled nor a glory seeking ministry. It is necessary. It always routes the believer to the sovereign God and His all-sufficient power and grace. The Dallas Prayer Clinic gives your name and face value…it’s this kind of “anonymous” ministry that humbles us. So this sacred ground we enter on June 21st is all about us, and how God wants to refresh us for continued service to His people. 

Prayerfully consider attending The Dallas Prayer Clinic. Registration is just $10. If you want to learn more about me, or pass on information to your leaders for release to attend, here are a couple of clips. 


Promised Help Prayers, Part Five

The Queen Life – Activation Prayer


Sweet Dreams Highlights (This DVD is available for purchase.)

Promised Help, Part One (There are five parts to this series.)

God bless you, praying people! We hope to see you June 21st! Register ASAP.

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