Join us for 10 Days of Prayer for the Body of Christ

You know, it’s an awesome thing that so many of us are gathering for prayer. The Lord touches our hearts, allows us to feel what is on His heart, and leads us to involve Him in certain matters. As we get closer to Pentecost, I am excited to see so many of the prayer watches covered…and The Queen Life gets to participate as well. 

From May 29th to June 7th I invite you to join us for 6am prayer for the Body of Christ — that’s gonna hit us all! We are praying for the unity of the Body overall, with daily prayer focuses. The Lord’s allowed some great men and women of God to lead us in prayer these 10 days. Look for the daily post with a short devotional on the prayer focus and a little information about our prayer leader. 

Prayer begins at 6am sharp and will last up to 30 minutes each day. Be sure to dial in on time, as some of our leaders may be led to pray “bullet prayer” and hit the target in less than 30 minutes!

Thursday, May 29th – Saturday, June 7th • 6AM up to 6:30AM

Conference Dial-In: (862) 902-0241

Access Code: 6360503

I’m always excited about the potential for success that increases with the combined faith and unified prayer of believers. It’s not the practice of prayer that excites, but our belief together in the substance of prayer. We know the Lord hears the fervent and effectual prayers of the righteous…and so we pray. We are confident that because He hears us, we have the petitions we desire of Him…and we continue in prayer. 

Make plans to join us!

3 Comments on “Join us for 10 Days of Prayer for the Body of Christ

    • Wonderful, Sis. Taunya. You can dial in beginning this Thursday morning, May 29th at 6am central (7am eastern). Posts will go out soon with prayer focuses and info on the daily prayer leaders. God bless you!

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