A Note to Pastors: Why Your Prayer Teams Should Attend the Dallas Prayer Clinic

Good day to all. As we prepare for the June 21st Dallas Prayer Clinic, I want to put pastors (and truth be told, some prayer leaders and teams) at ease about the content in the clinic. Why? Because I know many of you don’t know me. And I don’t want suspicion about whether the content is really biblical to be an excuse for anyone to miss this time of sharpening.

This is not about my bio, per se, or all my “experience” (though I do serve at my local church), but I want to give you all some reasons why prayer teams can attend the Dallas Prayer Clinic and return to their local churches safely.

#1: ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP IN A THRIVING LOCAL ASSEMBLY & PASTORAL ENDORSEMENT — I get to serve at Jericho City COGIC, the Church of Champions, under the leadership of Supt. Brian R. Nelson, Sr. as the minister of intercessory prayer and the director of ministries. I offer this Dallas Prayer Clinic with my pastor’s blessing and endorsement. In other words, I am accountable; he knows about this event, and feels comfortable with me offering it via The Queen Life.

#2: NO IDENTITY CRISIS — The Queen Life is not a church; it is an inreach to women who are disciples of Christ and need encouragement to live in agreement with God’s standard. I know I am not a pastor, and have no interest in gathering my own following. I believe in the local church, and know my role as a teaching prophet to encourage believers to contribute where they serve. The Dallas Prayer Clinic is part of that effort.

#3: BIBLICAL CONTENT — Check out the commentary entries and recordings over the last nearly four years and see that what The Queen Life supports is the biblical to higher order living. That is, being DOERS of the Word and not just hearers. 

#4: NO FEMINISM — The Queen Life rejects the feminist gospel that seeks to exalt women at the expense of men. No! We are one body, fitly joined. Christ is the head of man, man is the head of woman, and the head of Christ is God (1 Corinthians 11:3). Instead we encourage what the bible encourages for women: prudence, mercy, love, safety, supplication, petition, judgment, willingness. These are the jewels in our crowns of queenly character. See more under “The Queenly Seat.”

At the Dallas Prayer Clinic, our focus is praying for the church and her leaders. Who are her leaders? Husbands (men), Pastors / Senior Leaders, and those who minister to children. Our one goal is to send these praying people back to their local assemblies with some biblical strategy to pray more effectively for those who lead in their local church. 

Pastors and senior leaders, please prayerfully consider sending your prayer teams to the Dallas Prayer Clinic! Registration is just $10! See the flier for more information. 

Dallas Prayer Clinic

2 Comments on “A Note to Pastors: Why Your Prayer Teams Should Attend the Dallas Prayer Clinic

  1. Awesome things that God is doing!!!! Im so glad to be apart of it.

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