Rule #1

Yesterday I walked through an amazing door to assist Kingdom Queens with defining and moving toward vision. It was such a blessing! After, on the drive home, I thought about how much many of us are called (or feel we are called) to do, yet we stay in disobedience by taking no action.

Just a note about vision…when it comes from God, it comes with His strength and ability and sight and insight and impartation of knowledge, wisdom, the release of and connection to important contacts, and more. We are compelled to work on it, and work it out, and write it plainly for others to read and run (ex. sponsor, give, contribute, etc.). Excuses are not our response.

I know when we see/hear the word rule most of us think restriction while the rest of us think order and safety. Take a breath…it’s just a suggestion. 

Take care of you so you can take care of others.

Yeah, that’s the rule…and my, if there isn’t an endless supply of amazing grace to help us. (Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.)

It is neither wise nor noble to wear out because we lack balance and do not take care of ourselves. We create unnecessary vulnerabilities…and then ask for prayer and support. (This is where you look at your neighbor and say, “No ma’am!”)

Consider your ways. 

All the love and care we have to share is most effectively done when we are in health — body, soul and spirit. “I give myself away” is not a call to natural exhaustion and fatigue. It is an invitation to yield all carnal efforts and allow Holy Spirit to carry us in His strength. Come on and let’s face it — “they” do not want our flesh!

“Without me you can do nothing.” –Jesus 

So, we can wear away if we want to, but we always have the option to enter into God’s rest. It’s a prepared rest just for us. Whatever we do, let’s resist the strength of the martyrdom influence, and eat right…or get enough sleep…or see the doctor…or let someone help us. But let’s not come through this and say that no one loved us or “was there” for us. For many of us that is just not the case.

Make a decision for you today, so all those you say need you can start to benefit from the wisdom of God at work in your life. Make a choice for you today, so you can be a blessing for real…not a burned out victim who self sacrifices now to bring up your efforts later through a stronghold of resentment. 

I can do all things through Christ with strengtheneth me.

Through Christ, we can take care of ourselves…to better take care of others. Selah, and love to all!

One Comment on “Rule #1

  1. Thanks for the mini sermon. God bless you and may He continue to give you the wisdom to share with others what He has birthed in you. I love you
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