What’s the difference? (wife vs. concubine)

Let me just say that this lesson was a bit of a “sneak attack”. I did not know until we were on the teaching call how heavy this topic is…it sat on us, and led us to more self assessment. Hopefully you appreciate eliminating layers like I do. “Going through” and “surviving” is fine, but gaining some understanding to stop cycles and move ahead in true freedom is more valuable

Click here to listen: Piylegesh

PIYLEGESH. We looked at this word, and some differences between the wife and the concubine. The parallel to real life experience is something; I mean, from real life “relationship” break-downs of long-term affairs to you and I just lowering ourselves for arrangements instead of covenants

Similar to the eagle that flies alone at higher heights, many of us have an “eagle area” of life to confront. In this place we adjust to gift and calling from another dimension, and our view is larger (aerial) but there’s no one to share experience with except the Lord. My heart goes out to extroverts, who may feel compelled to lower themselves for the company of warm bodies…and endure just to be in the presence of people. Introverts like me, well we may not say or express it, but we will give ourselves into another soul bankruptcy just to feel valued.

Piylegesh. My point is that the connection does not have to sexual to indicate a lack of covenant. We get ourselves into plenty of arrangements, sometimes fully aware that in the end we will be unfulfilled and have no benefit or advantage. We settle for less and laugh through it because “it’s not easy being green.”

According to Jewish Law, the definition of concubine is “a woman dedicating herself to a particular man, with whom she cohabits without kiddushin or ketubbah” (Encyclopedia Judaica, 2008). Essentially, a wife receives betrothal (kiddushin) and a marriage contract (ketubbah), but a concubine does not. Yet we learned that a concubine performs the functions of a wife. Interesting! Don’t do the work and not get the reward.

As we move ahead (with fear and trembling) in this lesson unit, look for places where you are or have been the “Cover Girl.” I’ve been there…wrote a blog about it too (Enter “Cover Girls” in the search field on the main page – 10/11/2011). Choose to elevate yourself and believe in your value to the Father. Understand that you are not what you do, and you are more than what you do. Come back to His seat for you, and stay there. 

Selah, and love to all.

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