Drive Friendly, the Texas Way

Good day to all.

Last night I drove home from the movies and witnessed something I never saw before up close and for such a long time. I turned onto a road from the highway and about 50 feet ahead of me was a white pickup work truck. Its driver swerved in a zig zag across all three lanes; he even went up on the median curb a few times and nearly hit a light pole twice. 

pull overHis was the kind of unpredictable driving where the 10-12 cars huddled behind him had no opening to pass him. If we tried we might have been part of a collision. Thankfully, there was a red light…and this truck stopped. Green light. Nothing. Truck stopped in the center lane but was positioned partially in the right lane. Brake lights on. Right signal on. Green light. No moving. I was caught in the right lane and had to let all the cars behind me move to the left lane.

After I wrote down the license plate number I put my car in reverse, drove backward several feet, and passed on the left. When I did, I saw a man passed out cold. During all this repositioning to pass him, I was on the line with 911. I crossed the intersection and turned into the first parking lot to watch. As soon as I hung up with the operator, the man suddenly (and I do mean suddenly) woke up and turned right. I watched him swerve away and the police car show up and go to the gas station across the road.

drive your life 2I called the operator back, explained that the man woke up. This time, I watched the truck driver u-turn and cross the same intersection…and narrated the happenings to the operator. We hung up again and I drove across the road to tell the officer what I saw. He was indeed there to respond to my call. He went in pursuit and I went home. 

This morning, though, I woke up and wondered if they found him and caught him. And this little entry hit me. So now here’s my point….BE CAREFUL HOW YOU DRIVE YOUR LIFE. Just like that driver was alone and oblivious to the danger he posed to others, you may not be aware how some of your “driving choices” are forcing those on the road with you to adjust their journey — slowing down, speeding up, trying to pass, anxiety about timely arrival, etc. 

drive your life

You may not be aware that in your current condition you pose a real threat to the life and safety of others — natural or spiritual. If this is the case, please pull over. If you are under the influence and not strong enough to lead right now, then be a passenger for a while. Whether due to health factors or drunkenness or something else, if you are not in control (sober, alert, watching) then pull over until you regain consciousness (awareness, value lives of those on the journey).

There is enough to do and consider and be…BY FAITH…without the added burden of risk takers who put others in harm’s way. Truly, in Him do we live, move and have our being. I get that in a new way. My apologies for the long post…I didn’t realize I had so much to say. But I’m done now. 

Today and every day, let’s DRIVE FRIENDLY. Love to all. 

3 Comments on “Drive Friendly, the Texas Way

  1. Wow I am always marveled at how you go in a deep place with God & it always works my spiritual muscle!!! Yes Lord!!

  2. WOW! What a night thanks to God for your safe arrival home.

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