The Concubine Reflection, pt. 2 (Piylegesh)

Good day to all. 

The Queen Life Teaching Call is TONIGHT!

8PM Central (9pm EST) 

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We are one lesson in to our new unit on the seat of the concubine, and so far so good! In our first lesson we looked at the influence of culture today so we could better understand the relevance and application of the concubine type for us. 

I thought we might start with the first example in scripture, and we will, but this lesson is just the introduction. I’m fine with that (hope you are too!), because it’s the honor of kings to search a matter out (Proverbs 25:2) and we determine to find the hidden treasures of wisdom!

The word for this lesson is PIYLEGESH, pronounced pee-leh’-gesh. It is the Strong’s Concordance Hebrew rendering of the word concubine (H6370). In the King James Version, we find PIYLEGESH 37 times in 35 verses. It is the reference for our first biblical example — the Ephraim Levite’s concubine in Judges 19-21. This account is loaded, so it’s easy to go on rabbit trails. For our study, we will target the concubine’s significance in the story. 

Another note to consider is that we proceed with this study according to our custom, meaning that we do not make our minds up with the first example. Instead, we “keep the conversation going” and we build a composite profile of the concubine type

If you are just joining us for the unit, then you’re right on time! Take some time, if you will, and listen to the first lesson (5/1/14, The Cultured Concubine). This lesson will put you on the same page of context with us as we move forward. 

Love to all, and let’s keep digging!

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