The Cultured Concubine

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This lesson introduces our next unit, called The Concubine Reflection. My prayer is that we all stand now at a place of reflection where we can say, like 1 Corinthians 6:11, that “such were some of you.” We can REMEMBER this place of second-class bondage because we are no longer there. Those of us in this place will benefit from the insight of hindsight. 

Yet, if there are some of us on the way out, then my prayer is that this unit of study will bring us into new areas of awareness. So much so, that by the Word our faith will increase and the insight of future possibility, when it calls to us, will hear a “Yes!” in response. 

We consider the power and influence of culture — the beliefs, systems, ways of a particular group of people, a particular place, or a particular thing. The draw can be so strong that we are tempted to unseat ourselves and conform to the culture. 

We look specifically at the tie that binds us all — the local church — and the ways concubinage occurs in our day. It was a powerful introduction and from here, we will look at some of the biblical accounts of concubines and let Holy Spirit teach us how to remain counterculture while drawing others to the love of the King.

Take a listen, and join us for this leg of the journey. I tell you, this path to reigning is taking some interesting turns. I’m grateful, and pray that at some point now or ahead what we learn in this unit becomes useful to and for you.

Selah, and love to all.

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