Hey Gifted Girl, “late” is subjective…

you are late

While encouraging myself this morning I thought about you, and I want to encourage you. 

You. are not. late.

There! Somebody’s said it…spoken it aloud! Acceleration is happening, and this time it’s for us. For whatever reason, the Father chose to give us years of opportunities to rejoice with others, cover their babies (natural and spiritual), listen to their dreams, push them in prayer, help them prepare, and stand in the background while they celebrate. 

Watch the resentment that can creep up, now that we’re on target for promotion. People who had no interest in our serious obedience will be among the first to RSVP for the celebration, to “connect” on some level with “what God is doing” and insert themselves like a photo bomb.

Gifted Girl, a late bloomer is not one who develops late, but one whose talents, gifts and skills are seen later. Be encouraged to stay committed to the original vision, and do not yield to the pressure of “bells and whistles”. Higher order living is not shiny, but authentic…not loud and announcing itself, but resting by still waters (the saying goes that still waters run deep, you know!).

Don’t let the previous anxiety and “God-when-will-you’s” keep you from doing what is necessary right now. And what is necessary? CELEBRATION…for you. REJOICING…for you. RESTING…for you. DISCIPLINE to tie up the loose ends…for you. PREPARATION…for you. 

You see, late is in the eye of the beholder. Our time is now. Situations are forming for which we and what God gave us are the only answer. The King is about to call for our beauty…of spirit, of heart, of countenance. 

The time is upon us, Gifted Girl. Take a deep breath. Readjust your posture. Shake yourself — that last frustration was not even the point. But this right here, right now, is about your awareness that this “shift” belongs to you. Put on some strength and get the thing done. 

We’re about to be summoned, praise Adonai!

Sending hugs and love to all. Selah.

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