So, about promotion…

Oh, please be calm…I have no astounding revelation.

I just have a thought.

Promotion does not come from the east, west, or south…It comes from God. What a notion! Within the splendid world of church and systems and order, I am reminded of God’s sovereignty. He promotes…He guides the process of promotion.

He is in control. For this, I thank Him.

Another thought…time and chance or opportunity comes to us all. I have to do the best with the perspective 4time I have — be present in the moment, and all of that. Now that promotion is here, I marvel at the time I waste while I consider the upcoming tasks. There is always so much to do.

The Bible also says to rejoice with them that rejoice. I am grateful for this sweet experience where after sincerely rejoicing with others, my kind Father gifts me with time and a chance to rejoice for me. For someone who is constantly “working on something,” finishing is in itself a reward. But, it’s not the only one…

And so I celebrate! To God be the glory…and, the victory is mine! (woo hoo!)

One Comment on “So, about promotion…

  1. all i can say is My God!! Prophet this is exactly what God had placed on my heart!! thanks for staying in God’s vein & heart!!

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