Get God Involved (Call to Prayer for Abigail)

What continues to amaze me about Abigail’s story — and about our relationships — is that we are brought in at the end of their story. We do not know how they began, so it can be easy to judge and say she’s stuck in a bad marriage (I’m almost sure I said that when I first taught Abigail’s Call a few years ago). But as I prepare to pray for “Abigail,” there are questions that come up.

    • Did they start out starry-eyed, and build their wealth together…and then one day he changed?
    • Was he mean and evil in his ways when she met him?
    • Was theirs an arranged marriage?
    • What influenced Nabal’s behavior along the way? Was it the money that changed him?
    • Was this account in 1 Samuel 25 that introduces us to Nabal and Abigail just Nabal having a bad day?
    • Was it the alcohol talking when he refused David’s men so harshly?
    • How long were they married when we meet them in 1 Samuel 25?
    • Would God have spared Nabal’s life if his response had been humble and contrite to Abigail’s explanation of events?
    • Was it always God’s plan to kill Nabal and Abigail marry David?
    • Was theirs a political marriage? Was there an original purpose or benefit one was supposed to serve for the other?

I want to have compassion. I want to consider that because Nabal and Abigail were real people, there was much more to the story. 

That, my dear ones, is how we will pray…like we don’t know the whole story.

Our objective is to get God involved, at whatever phase of life our “Abigails” find themselves with their husbands. We will invite the supernatural into their lives, and agree with God’s will concerning Abigal…and Nabal. 

Join The Queen Life prayer line tonight, Tuesday, April 15th at 8PM CENTRAL (9pm Eastern). Dial in at (862) 902-0241 and use access code 6360503. Email names of Abigails for us to cover specifically to

Love to all, and see you on the line!

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