Praying for Abigail

Good day, Kingdom Queens!

Have you ever wondered how Abigail stayed with Nabal?

The how gets us to the heart of character.  Knowing the how gets us to the intangibles. But, I do not know the how. All we are told about her is that she was a woman of good understanding and a beautiful countenance. The rest is what she did, which places these two things at her core and makes them important.

Have you wondered who prayed for her?

Encouraged her in her marriage to a son of Belial?

Or, did Abigail have enough in her to sustain her for this part of her life?

These days we emphasize prayer so strongly, but when I consider the holy women of old, there were factors at work that kept them from connecting like we do and on the levels that we do. 

Make plans to join me on the next call — Tuesday, April 15th at 8PM Central (862-902-0241, and access code 6360503). We will pray for Abigail — that woman who is bound in marriage to Nabal (a fool, a son of Belial). In these desperate times we want to provoke Abigail’s unseen help. We want to invite her promised help to engage on her behalf. 

Feel free to submit names of our Abigail sisters to If you’re not sure of their Abigail status, then check out the entry called “The Manner of Holy Women” (January 24, 2011) for the explanation of good understanding. 

Until then, let’s pay attention, and allow the Father to soften our hearts toward Abigail and form the mercy needed for intercession. 

Love to all. 

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