Tell Them to Sit Down!

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This lesson was “quick and dirty”…we looked at one verse and offered a valuable nugget.

One of the keys to remaining seated is to monitor the activity around you.

Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane, and saith unto the disciples, Sit ye here, while I go and pray yonder.

Matthew 26:36

Monitoring the activity around us helps us stay in position. While we cannot control others, we can exercise dominion over our response and our personal atmosphere. Sometimes that means keeping the internal stable amongst an uncomfortable or even a chaotic external. 

This account in Scripture is just before Jesus is captured and tried. He takes the inner circle — Peter, James and John — with Him to Gethsemane. He is drawing away to pray and tells them, “Sit here while I go there to pray” (NIV). 

Simply stated, that is what I suggest we learn to practice doing. Let’s not let Peter, James and John keep us from the destined place of prayer. When the Lord is calling for us alone, let’s not be hindered in answering. When it’s time to go to Gethsemane in any way, then we need the boldness to tell them to sit down. 

Peter — Access does not necessarily equate with understanding. These are the ones who are most vocal about their loyalty and support, but in your trial they want to live so they set themselves apart. They are the zealous mentees, and in some cases your successors, but they don’t know that yet. They’re the first to defend and the first to deny. Peter people are the contradiction, but when you come into resurrection power you will remember them.

James — These are the people who see all and stay close. Keep in mind their nature is a “son of thunder,” and while transformed, they are likely to want to call down fire on those who offend you. These cannot take it when you suffer, and thus may not be good help in your separated season. They can be driven by the wrong motive (entitlement) because of access. This leads them to ask the wrong questions (can I sit on your right or left when you come into your Kingdom?)

John — These are the teachable ones who you favor. Their agreeableness can cloud the fact that in many respects they are just like everyone else (also a son of thunder). After your separation, these will tell the story with grace and glory. Because of sincere love, you trust John people with leadership over personal things (son, behold thy mother). 

Know when to tell them to sit…so you can stay in position. 

Know that circles of interaction are getting smaller and smaller because we need the spiritual strength to focus  on the Kingdom assignment ahead. 

  • No cheerleaders.
  • No protectors.
  • No fire starters. 
  • No admirers. 

Just you and me. A garden. The Father. And the soul pressed into the yes that turns the corner. Destiny awaits, dear ones, and we have a say in who sits (us) and who stays (them). Be bold, and tell some folk to sit down. 

Love you sincerely. 

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