Good, Better, Best: Living in the Superlatives

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I am INSPIRED by this lesson, and I pray you are too!

superlative (adj.): the greatest degree of a particular quality (Webster online)

We use superlatives to set new standards — the worst, the best, the easiest, the hardest, the greatest, and so on. In the sports world this is called our personal best.

Note: This is not us comparing ourselves to others’ best effort. This is knowing what God asks of us and giving that task or those tasks our absolute best. 

Note #2: This is also not the ministry assignment your pastor or local church leaders give you. When we refer to the task(s) God give(s), this is the Kingdom assignment you were put on earth to complete. 

Does this task get your best ideas, attention, and resources?

Regarding this task, are you at your personal best?

I want to encourage us to live in the superlatives, and be confident we offer God our best. That means to offer the Father:

    • the worship of our lives…daily! Luke 7:36-50 explains how the woman with the alabaster box did just that. 
    • the surrender of our lives…daily! Again and again King David asks “how long” as he waits, fights, and continues in worship. That is yielding to God’s will and timing. 
    • the tenacity to pass the test of our lives…whenever necessary! Esther did more than willingly and courageously put herself in a dangerous position; it was that she could not think of herself while she did it.
    • the service of our lives…daily! Apostle Paul lived in the superlatives, and was poured out like a drink offering. He even left for us the checklist to be proven in ministry.
    • the prayer of our lives…daily! Jesus in Gethsemane and Hannah in the temple each left everything before the Father in prayer. 

Let that be our aim, to raise our personal best and live in the superlatives.

The result is the conviction that maintains our personal best. Let’s choose to grow and improve through the processes. Let’s do God’s will from our hearts. 

Kingdom Queens, BUY IN NOW. Go ahead and blaze that trail NOW. Be that model NOW, and testify like Jesus, “I only do what I see my father do.”

There remains a separation, a distinction in this kind of life. And it is fully lived in abundance of spiritual riches and natural supply. Reign well, precious ones!

Love to all. 

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