On the making of a leader…

Pastor Brian R. Nelson, Sr., senior leader of the Jericho City COGIC — the Church of Champions, taught what amounted to an amazing leadership training. The scripture focus was John 14:12, and the message titled “Greater Works”. Here’s what the verse says:

Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.

I want to share these notes with you. This wisdom will help you, and possibly confirm some of your rooted beliefs and what your leader’s preaching. Feel free to share this message with other leaders. 

    • Greater happens via a carefully calculated process. God subtracts by adding, and adds by subtracting.
    • Remain steadfast. You have something worth fighting/ living/ continuing for!
    • (Ref. to Galatians 6:9 on being weary) Weary is not the same as being tired. Weariness comes on gradually, after a committed person faithfully completes cycles of giving, serving, etc. and beings to lose faith in certain spiritual disciplines. Learn to wait on God’s timing in everything.
    • Obstacles are strategically placed in the process to greater.

Before John 14:12, Jesus’ message already a disappointment because He talked about leaving the disciples. He’s babysat them for three years, and fixed all their botched assignments (ex. the demon possessed boy they could not heal). Disciples get nervous because Jesus talks about leaving and text suggests they don’t feel prepared.

Ask yourself, “Am I ready?”

Be ready spiritually — the greater the blessing, the greater the burden. If the Shepherd is leaving, then it’s apparent someone’s about to be promoted. Jesus encourages the disciples: believe in Me, and the works– these and greater shall you do. 

Greater = # of people touched & territory covered

Jesus could speak greater works because He witnessed the transitions of His ministry. He began with the disciples. He then served the multitudes. Then He was back to the 12. Likewise, we should celebrate increase, and deal with the decrease. We should celebrate the transitions that come along with the process, and remind ourselves

“I’ve been prepared for greater.”

    • God’ll use leaders’ failures to expose zeal. Some things would not work because they couldn’t, but so certain people could not benefit.
      • God was teaching patience.
      • God had to allow traditional Israelites to wander until they died.
    • God won’t let me settle for less than He’s designed. 
    • He put me in this process because He wants what He put in me to be released to the people.
    • He does not want what He put in me to kill or destroy me. 

Believe in God. Believe in your leader — you can’t receive from what you’re not submitted to.

It’s not you He is watching, but it’s His Word in you He’s watching over. Apostolic ministry has authority to plant it in you. God affirms it and it begins — He watches over His word to perform it. 

God can’t do greater works without greater people!

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