It May Be Time to Leave the 400

“Here is why doing the small things well is so crucial. It isn’t just our actions that move ahead with us into the future; the lessons we learn on each path journey with us as well. Understand that the secret you chose to keep or your act of unseen loyalty from last season may very well protect you in your next season (pp. 83-84).”

Lisa Bevere, Girls with Swords

This is not a planned post, but in my devotional reading this short passage leaped off the page. And I knew I wanted to share this little thought with you…about doing small things well, especially right now. It may come across as petty to others, but it’s us paying attention and “pondering the path of our feet” (Proverbs 4:26). 

In short, it may be time to separate from the 400.

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Who are these? The record in 1 Samuel 22:1-2 describes David’s escape to the cave called Adullam. Verse two describes the 400 men who joined David in the cave as “all the people in distress, in debt or embittered“. 

“Social media seeds” came to mind. You know, those things we like and share (Facebook) and retweet (Twitter). This is what we agree with…and I offer caution, especially in this time with such expectation for all this greater that’s coming. Our agreement is our permission for these sayings to enter our hearts and minds. 

Just a reminder to us all to remain sober and focus our minds on the Lord. Let’s watch how we keep our good ground and nourish the WORD SEED instead of social media seeds. Let’s make sure we stay on the liberty path, and out of the cave with:

all the people in distress — people in some kind of trouble

all the people in debt — those with a creditor…bound up with & distracted by obligations

all the people embittered — be wary of these “revelations”…sarcasm is hostility safely delivered (these social media seeds appeal to our carnal desire for revenge, not godly justice & lack personal accountability)

Be encouraged, Kingdom Queens, to do the small things well. We want protection to meet us in our next season, not the folly of the distressed, indebted, and bitter cave joiners. Separate if you must.

Love to all, and Ah-ooh!

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