Fight for Your Promise (sermon notes)

This past Sunday, my pastor, Supt. Brian Nelson, Sr., preached the first Sunday message in my church’s new building. He preached from Nehemiah 4:1-14. The message was one for the books…and I want to share the notes with you. God gets the glory; Pastor gets the credit. 


    • Your anointing can be threatening.
    • Your anointing is undeniable, so much so that it’ll unite enemies to keep you from moving forward.
    • If anyone is to have confidence, it has to be us…and we need to use encouragement for its intended purpose.
    • Q: If the compliments cease, will I fight on?
    • We have to know that God’s working on our behalf when enemies come out of nowhere (indicator).
    • We must have courage to rebuild when the thing collapses under pressure.

About the Enemy/Enemies

    • Here’s a note about the enemy’s severity: it he can’t stop you, he will try to kill you.
    • Pursue through frustration.
    • Opposition is the notice that what I’m building is worth the finish. 
    • The devil has no confidence in my faith in God…and is increasingly upset because I’ve ignored him in seasons past.
    • (v. 1) “wroth and fierce anger” — The devil is upset I still believe and upset he didn’t do more. 

Enjoy and appreciate the seasons of unnecessary criticism.

    • Cut off the rotten hearts still connected to me. 
    • When people I introduced collude against me, it’s an indicator that I’m on the right track. 
    • KEEP BUILDING  — don’t let anyone talk you out of your flow or path. The enemy was very close…it’s not time to be fretful, but to believe God and pursue. Don’t get distracted — turn palms of praise into palms of war. Let God turn your song into a sword. The enemy is close, but you’ve been built for this war. You can’t win unless there’s a battle. 

Nehemiah’s Plan

    • God gave the leader a plan. Notice that the Jews only responded to Nehemiah. 

In times of war, sanitize your ears because you will hear what your flesh wants to hear or what you want to hear. Pray, “Sterilize my ears. Let me hear only You. Let me hear my leader.”

    1. HE LOOKED — Give an observation. Conduct an interview. Ask questions. Have a strategy. Plan. Prepare.
    2. HE ENTERED INTO PRAYER — There is a prayer of warfare. Know the authority in your mouth (Job 22:28) when there are too many enemies and not enough hands. One can chase a thousand…they were effective in building the wall because they were compliant and obedient to leadership. 
      • (vs. 3) “if a fox sits on the wall” — that’s the talk against the effort to build the wall (ex. you can’t be healed…your business won’t prosper…etc.)
      • If we aren’t speaking the same thing, then you need to change prayer partners.
      • Learn warfare prayer — pray enemies turn on themselves. When building for God, have to pray.

   3.  HE HAD A STRATEGY — Have a plan to go with prayer. Faith without works is dead. Plan when you pray, and pray for your plan.


    • To address breaches in the wall, Nehemiah put families where the possibility was greatest for battle. Stragglers and strangers were put in high places on the wall. 
    • Mutual relationship gives way to mutual fight. Fathers and mothers will fight for children more than sisters and brothers for friends. 
    • We all have an assignment, whether saved 20 years or 2 days. Some may not be fit for the fierce fight. 

My mind is in this fight. My heart is in this fight.

    • (v. 14) Remember God is great and mighty! This is the way to keep fighting. The blessing is at the end of the fight. 
    • There’s a nation depending on me to fight. I’m fighting for your destiny, your prophecy (this was a “look at your neighbor” moment).
    • You can’t just sit and be wounded. 

My notes end here…I’m sure you can see why — corporate worship hit the house. Prayerfully these notes are a blessing. Make sure to read Nehemiah 4:1-14 along with these notes.

Love to all.

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