Month: March 2014

Say More than a Soundbite

Kingdom Queens,  This word’s been on my mind after — I’m sure you can guess — another tour through the “book of faces.” The part of me wired to love order got all riled up at the way we flock to sayings that when… Continue Reading “Say More than a Soundbite”

Silly Rabbit…I Choose to Focus!

Good day to all! I saw something in my morning reading that I want to share with you, and a couple of cross references. The simple exhortation is to BEWARE OF THE RABBIT TRAILS. Here’s the verse that struck me: Watch out, so that no one… Continue Reading “Silly Rabbit…I Choose to Focus!”

Oh, Gifted Girl, Where are You?!

Kingdom Queens, I’ve been thinking about you and praying with/for you. It’s amazing to consider, especially in lonely moments, how many of us are making an impact through our obedience all over the world. Have you thought about your reach lately while working on… Continue Reading “Oh, Gifted Girl, Where are You?!”

Good, Better, Best: Living in the Superlatives

Click here to listen: Living in the Superlatives I am INSPIRED by this lesson, and I pray you are too! superlative (adj.): the greatest degree of a particular quality (Webster online) We use superlatives to set new standards — the worst, the best, the easiest,… Continue Reading “Good, Better, Best: Living in the Superlatives”

Best Effort

Kingdom Queens, One question — are you giving your best effort? Not — overdoing overcommitting burning the candle at both ends complaining creatively avoiding point at another’s under par effort But — maximizing time praying and planning challenging fears and weaknesses refining vision learning… Continue Reading “Best Effort”

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