Love Expects the Unseen

We are nearing the end of our monthly focus on our love walk. Prayerfully, these little nuggets provoke meditation and inspection time to consider how we measure against God’s standard of love. As well, I pray we cultivate the sensitivity and discipline to make love our objective and master it as our first response. 

This year my church’s emphasis is “Expecting the Unseen in 2014”. Already so many reports are coming in of natural and spiritual treasure as the local body sets our affections on things above, and focuses on the Father as author and finisher of our faith. It is an exciting upgrade.

amazing ppl

I consider this next part of 1 Corinthians 13, that love expects the unseen too. The bible says it this way —

Love hopeth all things.

 Love anticipates the good. Love has an expectation of good. Love waits for salvation (deliverance) with joy and confidence. Apostle Paul warns that if we have hope in Christ in this world alone, we are of all men most miserable (1 Cor. 15:19). 

The misery of expectation attaches to the temporary because things and people wear out. To every thing there is truly a season and a time. Hope is the eternal factor of love where we have hope in Christ for the seen and the unseen.

This is why at certain “memorial markers” in life, we feel compelled to thank those who saw in us what we could not see in our making season. We honor people who hoped against hope for us, and spoke us up, over and into stability, vision, and consistent passion for Jesus.

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When we were depressed, they saw our joy. When we were blinded by the cares of this world, they saw us fulfilling vision. When the questions outnumbered the answers, they guaranteed us God would never leave nor forsake us. When we were hostile and toxic and angry at the world, they saw just how fragile our hearts were and they handled us with great care.

whole heart in hands

Praise God today for Love that can extend hope and expect the unseen. You and I are proof it works. Now, let the Lord use you — go and do.

Join us on the line tonight for 30 Minutes to Love — 8PM Central (9PM Eastern). We are praying for ministries to women and young women. The conference line is (862) 902-0241, and the access code is 6360503. 

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