Love Always Trusts

Now this one still is a mystery to me. Not impossible, mind you, just…mysterious. Thank God we grow in grace and in our knowledge of Him. The KJV says that love or charity “believeth all things” (v. 7b). The Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) simply says that love “always trusts”

The word study renders the following meanings from the same root word —

    • to be persuaded of a thing concerning a person
    • induced to believe
    • listen to, obey, yield to, comply with
    • have confidence, be confident
    • trust

Belief is loaded, isn’t it? When it comes to love God’s way, how do we believe all things and always trust without putting confidence in the flesh (mine or the other person’s)? It’s a good question, and one that helps us achieve perspective. 

One possible risk at this point in the passage is to lower the Scriptures to a carnal and fleshly standard. The truth is, my belief in people flounders. It is inconstant. I can tell when one means well but will not follow through. And at times I am “induced to believe” in one’s regard for me based on how they keep their word. 

So what gives? It is worth considering that in our love walks we believe God for all things, and always trust Him. We place our confidence in Him, and are persuaded of all things concerning Him. The greatest freedom in relationship is for each party to know that someone greater backs them both. God is like a sponsor, or a mega donor — He is the deserving recipient of our trust and belief and confidence in all things. 

In turn, we free each other up to make our journey in peace without becoming circus acts for each other — balancing on tight ropes, and running through hoops of fire to prove love. This helps me to know that even if the relationship has to end, my trust in God was never misplaced. It can accelerate the healing to know and understand that God has my “all things”. 

Love is loyal — to God (as source), to self (as the measuring line) and then to others (as obedience). It’s the second commandment in action — love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Selah, and love to all.  

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