Love Takes Down the Tent

Charity envieth not. (KJV)

Love is not jealous. (CJB)

1 Corinthians 13:4

Keep in mind the previous thought that Love Builds a Roof. The tent is one of indignation, and love takes that down. 

tent take down

Today, my dear ones, I share the joy of the cross reference! Let’s look at James 3:14.

But if you harbor in your hearts bitter jealousy and selfish ambition, don’t boast and attack the truth with lies! (CJB)

#1: Bitter describes the envy and jealousy. So, James speaks to the church and says some are not just envious and jealous (which is bad enough), but their envy and jealousy is bitter.

#2: Bitter comes from a root word (4078) that means to set up a tent. Envying means indignation. After the word study, the following is my paraphrase:

But if you’ve set up an “indignant tent” and faction in your thoughts and feelings, don’t boast, and don’t try to overtake the truth with lies and deceive yourself.

#3: Setting up a campsite in your heart and nursing bitter envy skews your vision to only see your right and the other’s wrong. His truth endures forever; against your bitter envy the result is only self-deception.

#4: Bitter envy provokes pride and attacks against the truth. This is behavior James warns against if bitter envy resides in the heart. You can see why if one’s pitched a tent in the heart. 

I don’t need to say it at this point, but I will. Love is not “camping” under an envy tent.

  • Envy isolates.
  • Envy causes one to be led by thoughts or feelings
  • Envy tempts one to boast
  • Envy influences one to try to “fix the truth” with a lie
  • Envy sows discord, and emphasizes differences without appreciation
  • Envy clouds judgment or perception

Love builds a roof to provide coverage, not to separate. Love is the expansion of the heart, not the closing off into factions and divisions against others.

Royal ones, let’s check our hearts and consider our ways. It may be time for more heart demolition. The tents must come down.

Love you all to life, and please believe the Word — He is perfecting us in love.

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