Love is Intentional

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Look at 1 Peter 4:8 with me —

More than anything, keep loving each other actively; because love covers many sins.

Wow, right?! Just focusing on the first part of this verse, I am sure we can agree it takes work…effort…determination…INTENTION. If love is active, then it means I am constantly engaged and doing it.

intentional by purpose or design

Please note that this is ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST. We are commanded to love. The KJV calls it “fervent charity”. When I completed the word study, here’s what I got:

And above all things have love that is intentional and extends without ceasing among yourselves: for love shall hide the fulness and full influence of sins, errors, and issues.

Some key things stick out…or, they should. Above all things…intentional love extends…and it never stops among the saints…this love hides full-blown sin and its influences.

intentional green

With this closer look I feel the responsibility to love the saints more. Do you? At whom do you need to take another look and choose to love better? In town or out-of-town, in your circle or not, it does not matter. 

ABOVE ALL THINGS….MORE THAN ANYTHING…prayer, preaching, teaching, serving, giving, evangelizing, building, singing, Martha-ing, Mary-ing…more than all of what we do, the Word says for active, extending, love to be intentional among the saints. 

Let’s go and do, by the power of the Word. Father, help us. Amen.

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