The Baseline of Wickedness

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Kingdom Queens, we turn our gaze on a new unit, Avoiding the Heart of the Wicked Queen. This first lesson established biblical context and a baseline understanding for wickedness, the core term in this unit of lessons. Believe it or not, this was a short lesson! I warned all those on the line that I would make up for it sooner or later (smile).

WICKED (Strong’s H7451) – bad, evil

    • Genesis 6:1-5. God decided to destroy mankind because their wickedness was great in the earth. Every imagination of man’s heart was evil continually (v. 5). All were destroyed except for Noah and his family of seven.
    • Genesis 39:6-9. Joseph declared to Potiphar’s wife that to consent to her request  to sleep with her was wickedness and sin.
    • Genesis 13. Abram and Lot separated, and Lot chose the plain and pitched his tent toward Sodom. “But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly” (v. 13).

WICKEDNESS (Root, Strong’s H7489) – displeasing, to do injury, sad, evil

    • 1 Samuel 12:24-25. The prophet Samuel gave a final warning to Israel after telling them what to expect now that they gave up God’s rule for a king’s rule to be like other nations. If you do wickedly, he said, you and your king will be consumed.


This unit is all about God’s Word searching our hearts to shine the light on wickedness there and to deliver us into righteousness. Here are some common themes from these baseline examples that we will revisit in the coming character studies.

    1. Community – Wickedness requires an agreement. We will examine our partnerships.
    2. Government – Wickedness takes action against Godly authority.
    3. Scandal – Wickedness can include shocking or immoral behavior that offends God and/or the faith.
    4. Death – There must be a resolution to get rid of wickedness and separate (or kill) it from us.
    5. Life – After destruction, God creates again. There is hope to walk in righteousness.

Thank God, the blessing is purposed to go farther than the curse. To those who love and obey God, He shows His love and mercy to 1,000 generations. I say this to offer us all hope that we can be that 3rd or 4th generation of visited iniquity that stops the cycle. Strongholds that grip our hearts and influence us to sabotage Godly things can be dismantled as we move ahead in truth, and “buy” the truth God shows us about ourselves. 

The transformation continues, from the inside out. Thank the Lord.


2 Comments on “The Baseline of Wickedness

  1. I am so looking forward to this study next week. I read in Luke 11:28 blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it. You are giving us truths that God desires for Queenly character and it must also be our desire. God bless you teacher.

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