Wicked Queens Have No Seat

Good day to all.

We enter new territory in our study this year on Royal Posture. To date, we now know better how to avoid the seat of the scornful and the seat of the strange woman. This next woman we consider has no physical seat, although there are real-life historical examples we will review. We begin now with avoiding the heart of the wicked queen…from this perspective: the queen has the seat while wickedness has the heart.

Yes ma’am, here we go again asking the Father to search our hearts. This time we want the spotlight on any and all forms of wickedness. Examples we will study offer insight into how we should guard our hearts in political situations (yes, the church included!) as well as how to see inside of some situations that may seem offensive but really call for us to use our influence for transformation-change to occur.

I reiterate from a thought some time back, that we are not trophies or cover girls. We have a real task to complete for a real God who wants obedience. The menu in this unit is more character building. Are you up for it? I know…I don’t know either (smile!). Thankfully, we have company on the Path to Reigning. Say it to yourself, and believe it — “I am not alone on the Path to Reigning.”

Father, we believe to see Your Word and will fully worked out in us. Teach us Your way. Guide us with your eye. Create significant moments of perception and awakening. Then, help us to do with speed. Amen.

Join us on the line tonight at 8PM CENTRAL (9pm Eastern). The new conference line number is (862) 902-0241. Use the same access code 6360503.

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